sostenibilità e mondo del vino

SQNPI certification

Sustainability and wine

SQNPI certification: new requirements for the post-harvest phase have been introduced in 2023 which require companies to evaluate their level of sustainability

We pay attention on preserving our land and taking care without wasting essential resources such as water. That’s why we don’t water our plants so that they adapted developing deep roots in order to find water by themselves deep in the soil.

We do our best to develop and maintain the 3 principles of sustainability: environmental, economic and social.

Practices such as cover crop are fundamental after harvest to aerate and enrich the earth with useful microorganisms and favor the incorporation of essential organic substances.

In the winey we use sustainable packaging such as glass closures, that are recyclable and reusable.

Finally, we are committed in promoting our vision of conservation agriculture among students and in our territory, in order to develop a respectful culture of our land and products.

sostenibilità in oryzetum

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