We let our wines talk about themselves

Our vines grow up in places of millennial history, in the plain between the provinces of Treviso and Venice. During the Middle Ages water meadows, now disappeared, were disciplined by Benedictine monks in rice fields. That’s why part of the company properties is named “le risere”. In Fossalta Maggiore, where the winery is located, the Romans found good lands to colonize and water routes to use for their commercial exchanges.

We are wines coming from this area, we are part of a natural circle that doesn’t force events, but goes with them: from the first moment of the farming process, to the grape picking, the pressing, the vinification process, and lastly the tasting. We belong to an ancient countryside, that sedimented, within its morphology, the events of weather and human time; here there were floodplains of rivers now disappeared and different cultures alternated and contaminated each other. The land that hosts our vines is multifaceted: each of us is the result of different grape varieties, its flavour is linked to different microclimates and each grows up from roots planted in clods of different composition. That’s why we’re made like this: wild, clearly characterised, sound, defined. Grown along with biological rhythms, without pressures of chemical origin, within borders defined by tradition, both humble and authentic.

The vineyard of the Cescon Winery


5 exclusive labels: a journey of precious and refined wines, of long aging.



4 labels for the typical wines of the Treviso province, that range from white to red and semi-sparkling.

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