Cescon Family

Cescon brothers

The property of the company extends into the countryside of Fossalta Maggiore, in Treviso Province and belongs to the Cescon Family for the last three generations.

Antonio Cescon, Giuseppe’s grandfather, came here in the 1920s, and then left it to his sons Francesco and Renzo, Giuseppe’s father, with his wife, Teresa.

Cescon brothers

The company is now run by their sons Giuseppe and Antonella, who carry on the business with love and passion, the same spirit handed down by their parents: grasp the most precious potential given by the land, valuing it.

The new generation of the Cescon family
Azienda Agricola Cescon

The value of FAMILY is present in every project of the company, like the Mentana wheat.

If loved, the land doesn’t betray; in fact it helps, suggests, becomes fraternal.

Company philosophy

During the years vineyards were planted taking into account the terroir and trying to value the soil characteristics and to create the best combination soil/grape variety, in order to have a viticultural heritage intended to last over time and give high quality grapes.

Concerning the pruning, the company adopted the Simonit & Sirch method, that concentrates on following and meeting the natural attitude of the vine plant for branching, that is the key to assure it a long and safe life.

The company implements a regenerative agriculture, carrying out the Cover Crop, consisting in the seeding, during the autumn, of seeds such as mustard, oat, fodder peas, vetch, radish, phacelia, …with the aim of increasing soil fertility, raising organic matter, improving the biology and physical structure of the soil, limit erosion.


Cover Crop (``snowball`` effect))

Compared to green manure, Cover Crop has some advantages, such as the speed and easiness of sowing, the fact of not disturbing the soil, and the facilitated re-entry in spring..

The results of this farming practice are:

  • Photosynthetically active plant cover during autumn and winter, from October to May, when grass and vine rest:;
  • production of organic matter with subsequent permanent carbon sequestration;
  • production of root exudates (sugar compounds, organic acids, …);
  • increase in biodiversity;
  • counter soil exhaustion.
Cover Crop

What Conservation Agricolture means to us

“Conservation agriculture to us means preserving our land reducing as much as possible our impact during our agricultural activity. Aerating the soil and planting cover crops, allows us to effectively pursue these aims, reducing water consumption and increasing water storage, reducing CO2 production, preventing the leaching and improving biodiversity”.

conservative agricolture

Projects & Collaborations

Since 2000 the company cooperate with the CREA (Center of research in viticulture and oenology) of Conegliano and the Universities of Padua and Turin, with a view to continuous improvement in cultivation techniques and in the wise use of plant protection products. Giuseppe was among the first to equipe himself with innovative sprayers with drift recovery device, GPS and sensor technology for precision viticulture. Moreover the company employs a biomass boiler for the production of thermal power, sufficient to the whole company requirements. From 2020 the company (both vineyards and winery) obtained the quality certification SQNPI (National quality system of integrated production).



Other important projects


The company is also part, with the CREA, of a pilot project concerning the plantation of resistant varieties, always with the aim to provide a high quality but also sustainable product and responding to the climate change issues.

Azienda Agricola Cescon


The company also cultivate a soft wheat variety named “Mentana”, to which 3.000 mq are reserved. It’s a soft early wheat with red flat bearded ears, straight and high (it can join 135 cm). This wheat has been obtained by Nazareno Strampelli in 1923 from crossing of the ancient variety Rieti. In a short time, its cultivation supplanted the other varieties, with the greater diffusion in 1940. In Veneto region it was then replaced by other varieties, more productive and cold-tolerant, due to its sensitivity to low temperatures.

The sowing takes place during the autumn. Our Mentana wheat is stone-ground and the result is a rich and perfumed flour. With this flour Antonella, Giuseppe’s sister, and Stefano, her husband and owner of Facca Bakery in San Quirino, near Pordenone, produce bread and delicious snacks called “Mentanini”. Finally, from this wheat Rime Craft distiller in Venice produces the “River Mentana – Venetian dry gin”, that is obtaining important international awards.

River-Mentana - Venetian-dry-gin

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