Oryzetum wines project, conceived by Cescon winery, belongs to an ancient countryside, that has sedimented time events. The wines that come out are spontaneous, unequivocally defined and produced following their nature, in authenticity and pureness, two fundamental values for the Cescon family.

The vineyard of the Cescon Winery

The name Oryzetum comes from our land, since the place in which the family settled at the beginning of XX century, was a rice paddy run by Benedictine monks. Vineyards, even if all near the winery, are characterized by different terroir, as well as the wines that come from them. With this pedoclimatic elements and with a lot of passion, we produce wine as best as we can, in accordance with the values that mark us.

Giuseppe Cescon

Oryzetum wines: authenticity and pureness

“Wine is a pleasure; it has to move me and I have to identify myself in it. Tasting it I love to perceive its main features, the nature of the land and of the producer”.”

With this aim, Giuseppe presents his wine production.


The character of the wine, wines with character.


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Giuseppe and Antonella represent the third generation of a family deeply involved in agriculture. In addition to the viticultural heritage intended to last over time, a peculiarity of the company is the rediscovery and enhancement of an ancient soft wheat variety, typical of the Veneto region, named “Mentana”.

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